A letter from the owner

I thought this note to you would be simple. I love sharing the story about TURN and I have been screaming from the mountain tops (in my head) to share all the exciting plans I have for TURN. However, it was quite difficult to summarize not only the behind the scenes story of TURN, but also the amount of appreciation I have for each of you reading this note.

TURN is simply a huge puzzle and each puzzle piece represents a person, an idea, a vendor, layers of sweat, countless minutes, sleep deprivation, training, laughs, cries, “oh shit moments”, and wine. The amount of time and endless efforts from all the people behind this company is astonishing, not to mention the amount of patience that has been practiced!

TURN…we are a family, a community, a culture, and a brand of freedom in an industry that keeps trying to get away from our core values as human beings. A place where you set goals, work your ass off for them, and conquer them with a supportive team around you, always. TURN welcomes the busy business person…there are outlets on the stairs for a reason! TURN encourages the stay at home parent to take a break and to break a sweat with us. TURN embraces the first-time client and TURN raises the limits for the avid athlete.

TURN is a company that works hard but plays harder. A place where your spirits are lifted and a place where we toast with spirits…a lot!

Sweat, dance, build strength, challenge your mind, grow as a person, smile, holler some “woo’s,” socialize…whatever you want out of TURN, I hope you find it.

My door is always open…that policy will never change.

2 studios, 1 common ground: #staygold.

#staygold can be interpreted however you see fit as long as you’re being inspired to stand out rather than to fit in. As long as you are motivated by the root of the reason you stepped foot into the studio in the first place. Block the noise, remove the distractions, accept the challenges, and no matter what, stay true to yourself. TURN is the lending hand, the shoulder to sweat on, and the loud voice in your head to push you.

Last but certainly not least, I wouldn’t be writing this if it weren’t for you. You are the reason for every part of the studio. Every decision is made with you in mind and you are the sole purpose for my commitment to TURN. Thank you does not cut it, but please know that I value you, I appreciate you, and I promise to stay true to you as well as myself.

With a grateful heart,

Ashley Francis

Owner of TURN Studio