We ride for a reason: to find mental clarity and exertion you never felt possible. We ride to feel strong in our head and in our hearts. We ride to connect to our community and find fun in the everyday. We ride because the feeling we have when we're done can't be measured on a scale. This is more than a workout. This is your TURN. 



Body. Pulse. Movement. Our signature class transports your body on a rhythmical, immersive journey where every beat is a breakthrough. With music as our inspiration and instructors who live to motivate, each high energy, low impact sweat-fest will leave you inspired and energized while having a ridiculously good time.


This “true to the road” class incorporates explosive speed, strength, and willpower. There is no shortage of fun while crushing flat roads and conquering grueling hills. The Stages Power Meter provides accurate metrics to defy boundaries and shatter your limits. 

The MEZ:

Expertise of a personal trainer delivered in a highly intensive group setting. A workout in its own class we had to create a staircase for it! Each class is strategically designed to push you to your limits, to strengthen your body, and to encourage you to go one TURN further! Climb the stairs for TRX, HIIT, Boot Camp, Cardio Dance, or a yoga class. Climb high enough and you might find yourself in CLUB MEZ!

Double Shot:

When you’re ready to TURN it up, our 60-minute power hour is a cardio and strength battle that’s no holds barred.  Smash your way through a 30-minute cycling class followed by circuit training in The MEZ for a complete, full body workout. All fitness levels are welcome and our certified instructors offer modifications and expert instruction.

Express Ride:

Short on time? Try our 30-minute high intensity interval ride that will ignite your metabolism and jumpstart your endorphins. Don’t be fooled, express is enough to make you a sweaty mess! 

TURN 101:

New to indoor cycling or need to polish your skills? This COMPLIMENTARY CLASS offers the fundamentals to help you build stamina, boost confidence, and meet new friends. You’ll learn terminology, bike setup, proper form and safety features. A 15-minute instruction session is followed by a 20-minute ride to practice your skills and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Passion Meets Purpose Ride:

Giving back never felt so good, and 100% of proceeds from our #TURNitforward rides are donated to local and national charities. Have a non-profit organization that you want to TURN up for? Contact us @ info@turnstudio.com.